Displaying coins online, whether you’re selling or showing off your latest acquisition, is now ubiquitous.  It doesn’t matter if you’re selling on eBay, your own online storefront or showing off a new piece that is the key to your collection, a bad image will reduce it’s appeal to others.  Face it, a coin shot with a cell phone or imaged on a scanner, just won’t give you the greatest potential for a profit, nor will it convey the extraordinary eye appeal that drew you in when you pulled the trigger on your latest prize.  If you’re wanting that future buyer to fall in love and absolutely have to have that coin you’re selling or your fellow online collectors to experience the awe and wonderment of your newest addition, I can help you achieve that goal.  Whether your coin has booming luster or an incredibly colorful toning on it’s surface, I can photograph it the way it appears in hand.  I can handle everything from a single coin to an entire collection.  You can send your coins to me for imaging or under certain circumstances I can travel to you to image your coins.  My top priority is your satisfaction and comfort.

Please take a look around to see what services I offer and browse my showcase.  It’s very easy to get started when you’re ready.  

Here's what a couple of my customers have to say about the quality of service I provide.

“Justin Lee Numismatic Photography is a top-notch firm for all of your numismatic photography needs. I currently utilize Justin’s outstanding and professional skill set to generate the pictures needed for my website, as well as photographing the coins for the majority of my listings on several online sales venues. Justin Lee Numismatic Photography also provides me with many of the images I use to maintain a professional appearance all across social media, including facebook, CoinTalk, LinkedIn, and several other online coin communities.

The prompt service and integrity provided by Justin Lee are second to none, you can expect professional interactions whenever you have a question or concern and the value he provides with quality images for such a fair price are incredibly hard to beat. You wont find a better deal anywhere on the internet, and if you do, the superior service Justin provides will be a challenge to replicate.

I have worked with several different photographers in my coin related endeavors, and Justin has earned my repeat business, again and again and again.”

E.H. McGovern III
First Capital Coins & Currency
“I would highly recommend Justin Lee Numismatic Photography to anyone interested in getting their coins photographed. I have always collected gold coins, but over the past few years, my collection has started to focus on toned gold coins because of their beauty and rarity. I had sent my coins to a few coin photographers in the past, and have usually been underwhelmed at the results. Toned gold can be pretty hard to photograph, as it turns out. Justin saw one of my coins and offered to photograph it for me. WOW! I was blown away by the result. After that, I decided to send the rest of my collection to him to photograph. His professionalism and dedication to getting the pictures right really showed. In the future, I would not hesitate to use him again.”

John W.