Below are the services and pricing offered by Justin Lee Numismatic Photography.  If you're ready to place an order please click here to download the PDF file to fill out and submit with your coins to be photographed.  If you would prefer that I come to you to photograph your coins, please contact me and we can discuss arrangements.


Image category

Basic:  Basic images are circle cropped obverse and reverse images set on a square background of white, black or gray.  The image size is limited to 1000px X 1000px and is perfect for eBay or any basic website presentation.  Please see examples here.

Standard:  Standard images are a step up from the Basic image in both presentation and resolution.  They are circle cropped obverse and reverse images presented side by side on a single background. They are then edited to match the way the look in hand.  I do not “Juice” images to make them look better than the actual coin.  I only try to represent the actual coin as close as possible.  The images will include text regarding date, denomination and mint mark if the coin is Raw.  If the coin has been graded by a major TPG (PCGS, NGC or ANACS) it will have text indicating assigned grade and certificate number as well as the grading service name.  If the coin has been CAC approved with either a green or gold bean, that information will be annotated as well.  Images can be provided at a maximum of 4000px X 2000px and you can select from several different backgrounds.  Please see examples here.

Gallery:  Gallery images are the pinnacle of what I offer for numismatic presentation.  They are similar to the Standard image in information, editing and layout (side by side presentation of obverse and reverse), yet have a prestigious background and incredibly high resolution available of up to 8000px X 4000px to showcase your coin.  For the ultimate online presentation,  combine the 8000px X 4000px resolution with the Zoomify option below and your customer or viewers online experience will be unrivaled.  Please see examples here.


Add on services

The next two categories are offered as an add on to the Standard and Gallery categories.

Variety Highlights: Variety Highlights is as the name implies.  If you submit a variety for photographing and wish to showcase it's attributes, I can take high magnification images with a stunning amount of detail.  Please see examples here.

Zoomify:  Zoomify is a great way to show off the fine intricacies of your coins in an online environment.  You start with an overall standard view of the coin, then you can zoom in and explore the coins fine details.  There are several zoomable levels available from an overview of the obverse and reverse all the way up to a 100% view of up to 8000px X 4000px resolution offered in the Gallery category.  This is an excellent way to show off the coin you’re selling or for displaying in an online collection.  Please see examples here.



Below are the prices for each of services offered.

Basic: $9.00 per coin. ($7.00 per coin on bulk orders of 25 or more coins)

Standard: $12.00 per coin. ($10.00 per coin on bulk orders of 25 or more coins)

Gallery: $15.00 per coin. ($12.00 per coin on bulk orders of 25 or more coins)

If you have a large number of coins you wish to have photographed, please contact me to negotiate terms to cover the entire collection.

Add on options for Standard and Gallery categories.

Variety Highlights: $5.00 per coin.

Zoomify: $5.00 per coin.

If your coin is in a major TPG holder and you would like a front and back image of the holder, please add $3.00 for each coin.  The photo of the TPG holder will be a basic level image with a pixel dimension of approximately 1600px tall x 1200px wide.  If your holder is a special holder such as a PCGS “Doily”, “OGH” or a First Generation NGC, ANACS or ANA holder and you would like higher quality images of those holders, please treat the holder images as a separate coin photo and annotate it on the order form.



Shipping will be the actual shipping cost plus insurance.  I ship via USPS Priority Mail signature required with insurance.  If you have your own shipping account or third party insurance and prefer to use it or prefer to use another shipping handler, please indicate this on the order form.


Placing an order

To place an order please complete this Order Form and include it with your shipment.  Instructions on where to send your coins and how to fill out the order form are included.


Image delivery

Images can be delivered to you via Dropbox, Downloadable link or DVD.  Please note that all images will be delivered via an encrypted password protected .zip archive.  A password to unlock the archive will be emailed upon payment of your invoice. If you send payment with your order then the .zip archive will not be password protected.